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Best Cylinder Plating Services - Reduce Wear in Motor Sport Vehicle Engine Bores

U.S. Chrome's NiCom Plating For Better Performance

U.S. Chrome has developed a unique Nikasil coating capable of applications up to 10x as thick as standard chromium, with better frictional characteristics. Our NiCom coating provides outstanding corrosion resistance with higher operating temperatures. No matter whether you’re on the road track, the frozen lake, or the MOTO-X track, our cylinder plating services improve engine performance in all motorsport vehicles.

Improve Your Dirt Bike’s Performance

U.S. Chrome’s patented NiCom plating is engineered to offer superior durability for off road motorcycles, reaching the highest levels of hardness. At 600 Vickers (62-64 Rockwell C) hardness, NiCom plating is more durable than iron sleeves, most Asian OEM plating, and any other knockoff coating available. Additionally, this cylinder coating can withstand prolonged exposure to high temperatures (up to 1200°F 540C), so you can push your motocross bike to the limit!

Cylinder Plating for ATVs and Side by Side Utility Task Vehicles

All-terrain vehicles and UTV’s are great for both work and play. But whether you’re exploring the forest trails or snow plowing your neighbor’s driveway you want the best performance from your ATV/UTV engine – U.S. Chrome’s cylinder plating service makes it happen. From 875cc Polaris engine models to 700cc Yamaha Raptor sport ATV motors, the NiCom cylinder coating provides better performance and more durability than other Nikasil coatings. Cover more miles faster with our performance plating.

Cylinder Plating for Personal Water Craft and Marine Engines

Jet ski racers and weekend wave-runners agree: the more power the better. U.S. Chrome’s proprietary NiCom cylinder coating tightens tolerances for better marine engine compression while adding durability to the bores of personal watercrafts and outboard motors. Our proprietary Nikasil formulation optimizes your PWC’s engine performance level.

Expert Snowmobile Cylinder Plating

Whether you’re a weekend rider or compete on frozen tracks throughout the country, you want to get the most out of your sled’s engine performance while adding the most durability possible. U.S. Chrome’s cylinder plating service is the secret to increasing snowmobile horsepower, greatly improving cylinder hardness, lubrication properties, and overall durability. Our proprietary Nikasil coating guarantees scuff free and highly polished bores, and is an affordable alternative to completely replacing snowmobile cylinders.

Performance Cylinder Plating for Sport Bikes

Your sport bike is optimized in all ways for high speeds, better braking, better aerodynamics and top acceleration. U.S. Chrome takes your sport motorcycle, streetfighter, or naked bike to the next level with high-performance motorcycle cylinder plating services. Our enhanced NiCom plating services improve engine output for all motorcycle engine types and sizes, from inline fours to v-twins.  Adding our NiCom cylinder plating to aluminum or iron sleeved cylinders improves durability and lubrication properties.

Other Race Engine Services Offered By U.S. Chrome

In addition to our engine work, U.S. Chrome performs a range of cylinder plating and boring services for all types of powersport vehicles. Our technicians have helped improve engine performance for riders throughout the United States and Canada, achieving better compression, more output and higher performance.

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Popular Cylinder Plating Services

Whatever you ride, U.S. Chrome ensures it rides harder, faster, longer. Our cylinder plating services are unmatched, and our patented Nikasil coating lasts longer than the competition. Turn to U.S. Chrome for: