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Yamaha Cylinder Services

Yamaha Cylinder Services for ATVs, Snowmobiles and Dirt Bikes

U.S. Chrome’s Yamaha cylinder services are unmatched in terms of keeping your machine running smoothly. We offer replating and overboring services that will ensure your engine is running at optimal performance and compression. Whether you ride for work or pleasure, the experts at U.S. Chrome can help you with:


  • Yamaha Dirtbike Cylinder Services
  • Yamaha Snowmobile Cylinder Services
  • Yamaha ATV Cylinder Services 

Yamaha Cylinder Plating & Boring Price

U.S. Chrome offers professional Yamaha cylinder restoration and performance-enhancing alterations for almost any Yamaha engine. Cylinder servicing is much lower in cost than buying a new Yamaha. Keep your passion running with engine maintenance and restore the performance of your Yamaha ATV, Dirt Bike, or ATV with cylinder plating and cylinder boring services. See the full pricing list.

Yamaha Cylinder Service

A worn out cylinder can be an unpleasant end to your riding season. The service technicians at U.S. Chrome can get your Yamaha engine fixed and get you back on your machine as soon as possible. We are experienced in dealing with unexpected streaks as well as refurbishing worn cylinders with lots of hours of runtime on them. If replacement is on your mind we also offer a large stock of restored Yamaha cylinders.

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Yamaha Cylinder Replating

If your Yamaha is starting to lose steam after years of dependable use U.S. Chrome can replate your cylinders to make up that lost compression. Even a reliable machine will start to wear and lose power as the space between your cylinder and piston increases. Our NiCom coating offers improved performance and superior frictional characteristics over chromium and electroless nickel plating cylinder treatments. These properties result in a finished cylinder that is harder, stronger and more durable than anything our competition can provide. Trust the experts at U.S. Chrome for superior cylinder replating services. For the price of Yamaha cylinder plating see our full price list.

Yamaha Cylinder Boring

If you think your FZ1 has some giddy-up-and-go now, bring it to U.S. Chrome and get ready to hang on to your handlebars. Our Yamaha cylinder boring and overboring will give additional power and longevity to your cylinders. With our 2-stage diamond plateau cylinder honing process we can ensure you have the straightest and roundest cylinder bores for the life of your engine. A honed cylinder from U.S. Chrome boasts the thickest plating possible through our NiCom cylinder plating process. Turn to the experts at U.S. Chrome if you’re thinking about getting your cylinders serviced or taking them out to the max overbore.