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Whether you drive an ATV or UTV, you want the absolute best power and performance possible. But when you push your engine to the limit it starts to wear and lose power. “Streaks” and other leaks in your cylinder prevent you from squeezing every last bit of power out of your engine. U.S. Chrome’s durable NiCom (nickel silicon carbide composite) cylinder plating can prevent future “streaks” and leaks. We provide a full range of ATV, UTV and side-by-side cylinder services.

Cylinder Plating Services Improving Your Performance

U.S. Chrome plates new ATV cylinders restores old ones. Our patented ATV NiCom plating is proven to increase durability and performance of both utility task vehicles and all-terrain vehicles. If you race, your machine is going to be pushed to its limit, time and time again. Normal wear increases the space between the cylinder and piston, causing a drop in power; this isn’t unique to aluminum or iron sleeved cylinders. By applying new NiCom plating to your ATV cylinder bore, we increase the life and performance of your engine, helping you hit the track harder and faster.

Increase the durability of your cylinder bore with U.S. Chrome’s NiCom coatings! Our NiCom coating is harder and more durable than cast iron, most Asian OEM plating, and other knockoff coatings. Prevent scuffs and streaks that rob your engine of power. Our plating averages 600 Vickers (62-64 Rockwell C) hardness! NiCom plating can withstand prolonged temperatures as high as 1200°F (540°C), ensuring your engine excels under pressure. Defend your machine against wear and tear that deprives your engine of precious horsepower, and get back in pole position. U.S. Chrome offers:


Costs and Pricing for ATV/UTV Cylinder Services

At U.S. Chrome we are always striving to provide the highest quality workmanship at the best possible value. We offer a full range of services to ensure that no matter what your engine needs, you can get it without compromising on quality or cost. Check our full pricing list for additional information.

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If You Go Fast, We’ll Make You Faster

We service all brands of ATVs and UTVs, including:


  • Polaris
  • Honda
  • Arctic Cat
  • Kawasaki
  • Suzuki
  • Can-Am


If it has cylinders and works hard, we can make sure it goes even harder. Our performance-driven cylinder solutions are endorsed by top ATV and UTV racing leaders. Our ATV cylinder plating and replating services are proven to deliver superior performance and power. Nickel composite is more eco-friendly than the competition, and all solid waste is recycled – we are an environmentally friendly facility. Whether it’s racing or sustainability we’re committed to performance.