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Snowmobile Cylinder Boring and Bore Restorations

Rip through Snow with More Power

A worn cylinder bore hinders the performance of your snowmobile. Improve the speed and performance of your sled with snowmobile cylinder boring, bore restoration services or Nikasil plating from U.S. Chrome of Wisconsin. Whether you are a SnoCross racer or simply enjoy pushing your snowmobile to the limit, our quality boring services will have you flying ahead of your pack.

Snowmobile Cylinder Boring Costs & Prices

U.S. Chrome provides the highest quality workmanship at the best possible value. We offer a full range of services to ensure that no matter what your engine needs, you can get it without compromising on quality or cost. Check out our full pricing list for more information.

2 Stage-Diamond Plateau Honing Services for Snowmobile Engines

For our cylinder bore restoration and cylinder finishing services, we use the highest quality 2 Stage-Diamond honing process, ensuring the straightest, roundest cylinder bores. Our Nickel Silicon Carbide Composite cylinder plating method significantly improves the wear resistance of your snowmobile cylinder and results in an unmatched hardness and durability. Bores plated by U.S. Chrome – factory plated hard chrome, Nikasil, or electrofusion bores – are returned in better-than-new-condition with quick turnaround times, helping you hit the snow again harder and faster. Whether you choose to take your snowmobile engine to the max Overbore or the standard Bore Size, you are assured your restored engine will be reliable enough to handle the toughest conditions.

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