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Arctic Cat Cylinder Services

Arctic Cat Snowmobile and ATV Cylinder Services

Our technicians perform high-quality cylinder services with turnaround times that can’t be matched by any of our competitors. We can improve the compression and power output of your Arctic Cat snowmobile or ATV and get you back on the trails as soon as possible. Whether you’re a professional rider or just a thrill-seeker, come see the professionals at U.S. Chrome for:



Repair or Replace Your Cylinder

A worn sleeve is a bad way for a riding season to come to an unexpected end. The cylinder service technicians at U.S. Chrome will have your worn cylinder fixed and running in no time. We have some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry. If you need something even faster, we have a wide variety of restored Arctic Cat cylinders in stock.

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Arctic Cat Cylinder Replating

Even the most well maintained and reliable machines will begin to wear eventually. Widening gaps between cylinder walls and pistons will rob your engine of power due to reduced compression. By replating your cylinders with U.S. Chrome’s NiCom coating you can restore your engine to like-new quality. Nickel composite coating from U.S. Chrome has superior lubrication properties and tighter tolerances than any competing cylinder replating process.

Arctic Cat Cylinder Boring

Your Arctic Cat might seem like a rocket flying down the trails sometimes, but what if U.S. Chrome could help you squeeze even more power and speed out of it? We offer cylinder boring and overboring services to help you take off down the trail even faster. We can rebore your cylinders out to OEM spec or take them all the way out to max overbore for even higher performance. We finish every cylinder bore job with our 2 stage diamond plateau honing process to ensure tight tolerances and the straightest, roundest bores possible. Whether you want to restore your Arctic Cat to like-new performance or max out the bores to really go nuts on the trails, you can turn to the experts at U.S. Chrome.

Cost of Arctic Cat Cylinder Plating and Boring

An Arctic Cat snowmobile is a great investment. Like anything worth buying, it might need some upkeep, or a performance boost at a good price. U.S. Chrome offers professional Arctic Cat cylinder plating and boring services at a much lower cost than buying a new snowmobile. With the highest quality workmanship, we do the job right so you save money. Get your Arctic Cat back on the trail at an affordable price with cylinder plating and cylinder boring services. See the full pricing list.