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Dirt Bike Cylinder Plating and Replating

Performance Maximization for Supercross Champs and Weekend Riders Alike

It doesn’t matter if you’re a trailblazer or a Supercross pro, you want the most from your dirt bike engine. But when you push your engine to the limit, it’s bound to wear down over time. We hate this as much as you do, and we’re here to help you save precious horsepower and compression. You can bolt on whatever aftermarket parts you want, but if your cylinder is worn, you’ll never be competitive. Stay ahead of the pack with NiCom cylinder plating from U.S. Chrome.

Dirt Bike Cylinder Plating Cost & Pricing

At U.S. Chrome we always provide the highest quality workmanship at the best value possible. We offer a full range of cylinder services to ensure that no matter what your cylinders need, you can get it without compromising on quality or cost at another shop. We even work on mono-blocks and in-line 4 blocks. Check out of full pricing list for additional information.

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Improve Your Dirt Bike’s Performance with NiCom Cylinder Plating

Whether you’re rebuilding an old dirt bike or building a new one, you need secure cylinders that last. U.S. Chrome’s patented NiCom plating is engineered to offer superior durability, reaching the highest levels of hardness. At 600 Vickers (62-64 Rockwell C) hardness, NiCom plating is more durable than iron sleeves, most Asian OEM plating, and any other knockoff coating available. Additionally, NiCom coating can withstand prolonged exposure to high temperatures (up to 1200°F), meaning you can push your bike to the limit! U.S. Chrome dirt bike NiCom coating guarantees your cylinder won’t scuff or streak when sufficiently lubricated. We’ll help you get back where you belong with superior cylinder plating and replating services – blazing a trail ahead of the competition.

Trusted and Proven Dirt Bike Cylinder Performance

Proven to deliver superior power and durability, U.S. Chrome’s NiCom plating help Enduro racers, Trials riders, and Supercross champs stay competitive. Our performance-driven cylinder solutions are endorsed by JM Racing and Racers Toy Store. Plus, our Nikasil coating is eco-friendly, and all solid waste is recycled! Stay competitive with proven performance driven dirt bike cylinder plating and replating services from U.S. Chrome.