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Off-Road Vehicle Cylinder Boring and Bore Restoration Services

Get More Power in Your ATV or UTV with a Properly Bored Cylinder

US Chrome is a full-service ATV cylinder shop. Whether you want Standard Bore Size or the max Overbore, U.S. Chrome has you covered. Does your ATV cylinder bore need to be restored? Are you trying to maximize power from your engine? Whatever your cylinder boring need, our skilled technicians will get you back in the race with higher horsepower. U.S. Chrome Offers:

Costs and Pricing for ATV/UTV Cylinder Boring Services

At U.S. Chrome we are always striving to provide the highest quality workmanship at the best possible value. We offer a full range of services to ensure that no matter what your engine needs, you can get it without compromising on quality or cost. Check out our full pricing list for more information.

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Advanced Technology with 80 Years of Experience

Advanced 2-Stage Diamond honing is used on all cylinder finishing and cylinder bore restorations, providing a well-engineered surface. U.S. Chrome’s Nickel Silicon Carbide Composite cylinder plating method outlasts and outperforms the competition and is superior to steel sleeving, resisting far more wear. Apply our durable NiCom coatings to wear-prone aluminum and steel cylinder sleeves to increase engine life and performance. At 600 Vickers (62-64 Rockwell C) hardness on average, our coatings are vastly superior to cast iron, most Asian OEM plating, and any knockoffs our competitors are trying to sell you. As long as your engine remains properly lubricated, your bores will never scuff or streak. Our NiCom coatings are engineered to withstand prolonged exposure up to 1200°F (540°C), meaning you can push your engine as hard as possible. Don’t let inferior plating chemistry rob your high-performance racing engine of precious horsepower and compression. OEM to overbore, U.S. Chrome’s custom designed 2 Stage-Diamond Plateau honing process makes the straightest, roundest cylinder bores with a diamond-hard surface for the best oil retention and lubricity possible!

Motocross Tested and Proven Cylinder Plating Services

Whether you’re aiming to race on the ATV Extreme Dirt Track, or using your UTV for clearing snow or transporting inventory around a golf course, we’re here to ensure your off-road vehicles are performing at optimal capacity. Our cylinder boring and restoration services are proven to perform and help achieve maximum horsepower and compression. We even recycle 100% of all solid waste – our facility is completely green. From restoration to overbore, we’ll keep you where you belong – standing on top of the podium with a trophy in one hand and champagne in the other.

Get Cylinder Boring for Any Brand Including:

  • Polaris
  • Honda
  • Arctic Cat
  • Kawasaki
  • Suzuki
  • Can-Am