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Cylinder Services for Honda ATVs, UTVs and Side-By-Sides

Replating, Honing and Boring for Honda Engines

Honda Engines are well known for being reliable and durable lasting many years, many miles and lots of good times. But sooner or later the engine in your Pioneer or Talon will either wear down from old age and use, or require service for streaking.


U.S. Chrome specializes in restoring cylinders to original compression and making performance boosting enhancements with techniques like our diamond plateau honing process, patented nickel composite coatings and cylinder overboring. Our technicians can work with any Honda engine including:

  • 229cc Air-Cooled OHV Single-Cylinder 4-Stroke (68.5mm x 62.2mm)
  • 86cc Air-Cooled SOHC Single-Cylinder4-Stroke (47.0mm x 49.5mm)
  • 675cc Liquid-Cooled OHV Single-Cylinder 4-Stroke (102mm x 82.6mm)
  • 475cc Liquid-Cooled OHV Single-Cylinder 4 Stroke (92.0mm x 71.5mm)
  • 420cc Liquid-Cooled OHV Single-Cylinder 4-Stroke (86.5mm x 71.5mm)
  • 999cc Liquid-Cooled Twin-Cylinder 4-Stroke (92.0mm x 75.15mm)

Costs & Pricing for Honda Cylinder Services

Get the best quality services including replating and boring on your Honda engine’s cylinder with U.S. Chrome. And we have the fastest turnaround times in the industry. See our full cost and pricing list.

Honda Off-Road Cylinder Boring

The experienced technicians at U.S. Chrome are cylinder craftsmen. Often times through a combination of our boring services and an application of our patented NiCom coating, we can achieve symmetry, hardness and durability that are superior to factory-new engines. For old engines, that means a restoration of tolerances, compression and power. If you’re looking for a way to squeeze as much horsepower as possible out of your Honda, we can overbore cylinders to achieve the most power possible.

ATV and SXS Cylinder Plating

All of U.S. Chrome’s cylinder plating jobs are done with our patented nickel composite (or NiCom) coating. NiCom is superior to anything that our competition can offer. It is harder, more wear resistant, and can be applied more thickly than other coatings like chromium. NiCom has a three micron particle size and a highly oleophilic surface. All of this makes it an ideal plating for restoring worn ATV cylinders to restore compression and keep tolerances tighter for longer.

Cylinder Services for Honda Off-Road Vehicles

Worn cylinders in a Honda ATV or UTV are either signs of hard work or hard play. Streaked cylinders don’t have to be the end of your engine. At U.S. Chrome all we do is make engines like new (or better). Our technicians can bore out streaked or worn cylinders with precision, apply a bulletproof NiCom plating and send them back to you. You’ll be right back out on the trails in no time thanks to our industry leading turnaround times. If that isn’t quite fast enough for you, we also have a large stock of refurbished cylinders for sale immediately.

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