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Polaris Cylinder Services

Polaris Snowmobile, ATV, & UTV Cylinder Services

U.S. Chrome offers unmatched cylinder plating services for Polaris machines. Our technicians perform superb replating, boring & overboring services. US Chrome will improve the performance and compression on your Polaris whether you ride for work, for competition, or just the thrill of it. Turn to the experts at U.S. Chrome for:


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Costs & Pricing for Polaris Cylinder Services

U.S. Chrome provides the highest quality replating and boring for the lowest possible prices, and you get the fastest turnaround times in the industry when you choose us. See the full list of costs and prices.

Polaris Cylinder Services

Don’t let a worn sleeve ruin the joy of riding a Polaris. U.S. Chrome offers superior Polaris services that meet your needs. Whether it’s streaked, or just plain worn our cylinder plating experts will have your Polaris running in no time.


We’re proud to offer some of the fastest turn times in the industry. Need something now? We offer a wide selection of restored Polaris cylinders.

Polaris Cylinder Replating

We can replate your Polaris cylinder whether you ride an aluminum or iron sleeved machine. Over time, the space between your piston and your cylinder increases, resulting in lower compression and power loss. Our cylinder replating services restore durability and power of your Polaris engine, and Polaris cylinder replating services add horsepower and improve compression. US Chrome specialists use a patented NiCom coating that is harder, stronger and lasts longer than the competition.

Polaris Cylinder Boring

Oh, you think your Polaris 900 is fast on the trails? What if we could make it faster? Polaris cylinder boring and overboring services add power and durability. Plated bores are returned in better-than-new-condition with fast turnaround times. Our 2-stage diamond plateau honing services ensure the straightest, hardest, roundest cylinder bores possible. Whether you want to take your Polaris to max overbore or the standard bore size, you can turn to the experts at U.S. Chrome.