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Motorcycle Cylinder Boring and Bore Restorations

Rebore and Big Bore Services So You Get More!

Your bike can’t perform at its best if its cylinder bore is lacking. If you need to restore your bore, U.S. Chrome will take care of it. Our motorcycle cylinder boring and bore restoration services for street bikes and motorcycles ensure you’re experiencing the maximum power output of your bike. Whether we are helping you sustain your motorcycle or gearing your sport bike up for a race, we are committed to the performance of your machine.

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Cost & Pricing for Motorcycle Boring Services

At U.S. Chrome we are always providing the highest quality workmanship at the best value possible. We offer a full range of services to ensure we can perform whatever services your cylinder needs without compromising on quality or cost.

Diamond Plateau Honing Services: Perform at Your Bike’s Best

OEM to overbore, U.S. Chrome’s custom 2-Stage Diamond Plateau Honing process makes the straightest, roundest cylinder bores with a diamond-hard surface for the best oil retention and lubricity possible. Almost every cylinder we work with can be restored to Standard Factory OEM bore size. In nearly every case your cylinder can also be overbored and re-plated to accept a larger piston size for increased displacement and more horsepower. In either case, our motorcycle cylinder boring specialists start by increasing the diameter of your cylinder to make sure the bore is free of taper or out-of-round condition prior to plating. The end result is the hardest, toughest, roundest, and straightest bores in the powersport industry, period. Our highly qualified technicians can match any clearances and specifications you need to get the maximum horsepower from your bike. It doesn’t matter what you ride or where, from Harley to Ducati, we want to put you back where you belong – pushing your bike to the limit!


Our in-house porting expert has almost two decades of experience porting and modifying motorcycle cylinders and heads, and he is happy to share that experience with you in a professional, friendly manner. Cylinders can be race-ported or trail-ported.

Restored Cylinders for Sale Online

Looking to replace your cylinder? U.S. Chrome sells refurbished cylinders online at the fraction of the cost of new motorcycle parts. Get the same great performance and power from a used cylinder as you would new, all while saving money. Every part sold from U.S. chrome is methodically inspected, ensuring it’s durable enough to withstand the most challenging conditions.

Cylinder Plating and Cylinder Boring Services for All Motorcycles

US Chrome services engines on any motorcycle, including:


  • Honda Dirt Bikes
  • Honda Street Bikes
  • Vintage Hondas
  • Kawasaki Motorcycles
  • Suzuki Motorcycles
  • Yamaha Motorcycles
  • Ducati Motorcycles
  • BMW Motorcycles