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Dirt Bike Cylinder Boring and Restorations

If You Want More, It Might Be Time For a Rebore

Are you looking to maximize performance by reboring your dirt bike’s cylinder? Whether you want to restore your worn cylinder bore to OEM spec or want to improve power with a max overbore, the dirt bike cylinder service experts from U.S. Chrome will be there to help.

Dirt Bike Cylinder Boring Cost & Pricing

U.S. Chrome is always providing the highest quality workmanship possible at the best value. Our cylinder services run a full range to ensure that no matter what your engine needs, you can get it without going somewhere else and compromising on cost or quality. Check out our full pricing list for more information.

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Cylinder Bore Restorations: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Our dirt bike cylinder boring experts utilize advanced 2 Stage-Diamond Honing technology to create custom cylinder bores that meet your exact specifications. We’ll meet any custom clearances you request and can do anything from OEM bore restoration to max Overbore. U.S. Chrome’s patented NiCom plating offers maximum hardness (600 Vickers on average) to improve lubrication and strength – proven to be harder and more durable than most Asian OEM plating and our competitors’ knockoff coatings. Our NiCom Nikasil is also proven to be harder and better than steel sleeves, so you’ll run faster and stronger for longer. U.S. Chrome has over 80 years of experience helping riders get the most from their dirt bike engines.

Race Tested and Approved: Ride Faster than Your Competition

Whether you’re a trials rider, a Supercross champ, or just a weekend rider, U.S. Chrome can help you get the most from your dirt bike engine with cylinder boring or reboring. Our services are endorsed by JM Racing and Racers Toy Store. We’ll help you maximize horsepower and compression so you can keep blazing a trail ahead of the competition. We’re committed to sustainability, performance driven innovation, and maximizing power for your dirt bike.