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Dirt Bike Cylinder Services

Cylinder Boring and Plating Keeps your Dirt Bike Running

Whether you’re a competitor or a trail rider, after enough time in the saddle the interior of your engine will begin to wear and affect your performance. U.S. Chrome has been working on engines for a long time, and we’ve seen it all, including:



Cost and Pricing for Dirt Bike Services

Cylinder wear results in increased tolerances, loss of compression and a drop in power. U.S. Chrome specializes in restoring engine bores to like-new quality with cylinder plating and cylinder boring services. See our full pricing list.

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NiCom Dirtbike Cylinder Plating Gives Long Life and Increased Performance

US Chrome uses a patented nickel composite (or NiCom) coating on all of our dirtbike cylinder plating jobs. NiCom is harder than any competing cylinder plating, including chromium, and it can also be applied ten times thicker than standard chromium. A minute particle size coupled with superior wettability create a surface with minimal frictional characteristics.

Cylinder Boring for The Most Power Out Of Your Dirtbike

Maximizing bore size is a great way to squeeze a little more power out of your bike by creating displacement that exceeds factory specs. We can also bore and replate dirt bike cylinders to restore OEM specs whether you’re on a small trail bike or a 1200CC race machine.