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Rotax Snowmobile Cylinder Services

Rotax Snowmobile Cylinder Services from US Chrome

If you’ve had a weekend on the trails ruined by a broken or streaked cylinder that’s left your Rotax sled limping, contact U.S. Chrome. With some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry, we’ll get your engine serviced and ripping down the trails in no time.

Rotax Cylinders Serviced


  • ROTAX 600R E-TEC
  • ROTAX 850 E-TEC
  • ROTAX 800R E-TEC
  • ROTAX 600 H.O. E-TEC
  • ROTAX 1200 4-TEC
  • ROTAX 900 ACE
  • ROTAX 600 ACE

Cost & Pricing for Rotax Snowmobile Cylinders

Our snowmobile cylinder services technicians are experienced at bringing cylinders back to like-new compression. If our industry-leading turnaround times aren’t quite fast enough for you, we also have a large stock of Rotax engine components which we can sell to you right away. See a full list of costs and pricing.

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Replating Services for Rotax Snowmobile Cylinders

Snowmobile cylinder plating from U.S. Chrome uses a patented NiCom coating that’s harder and more durable than anything our competitors are offering. The favorable frictional characteristics and oleophilic properties of our nickel composite cylinder plating will ensure your Rotax snowmobile engine stays running faster and longer. The price of cylinder plating for Rotax engines is worth the extra boost; more durable cylinders translate to more time on the trails for you.

Rotax Cylinder Overboring for Increased Performance

A brand new Rotax snowmobile can rip, but what if you could be getting even more power out of your sled? U.S. Chrome can take your Rotax engine’s cylinders out to maximum overbore for even more displacement and power than when it was brand new from the dealer.


After boring or reboring your Rotax’s cylinders, our snowmobile cylinder boring technicians apply our patented NiCom coating. The entire process adds up to cylinders that are straighter, tougher and more round than ever before.

Cylinder Plating and Cylinder Boring for All Snowmobiles

U.S. Chrome services engines on any snowmobile, including: