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Diamond Honed Race Cylinder Plating

Boost Engine Performance with Diamond Honing

Whether you race with an Audi V8 or a Yamaha YZ 125, U.S. Chrome’s cylinder honing services help you get the most out of your machine. Diamond honing gives your race engine cylinders a diamond-hard plateau finish, providing greater compression and greater performance. Combine our diamond honing process with NiCom coating, and your cylinder walls will outlast and outperform the competition.

Why Choose Diamond Honing with a Plateau Finish?

When finished properly, diamond honing produces unparalleled cylinder wall hardness. An unfinished diamond hone produces microscopic peaks and valleys on the cylinder wall. Until they wear down, these peaks cause:


  • Increased blowby
  • Increased oil consumption
  • Decreased compression
  • Increased piston ring wear
  • Increase cylinder wall wear


A plateau finish removes the peaks on the cylinder wall, effectively breaking the cylinder in. U.S. Chrome uses a double diamond plateau technique to symmetrically size the cylinder bore. This process effectively breaks in the cylinder wall. The plateau finish process eliminates the need for a break in period and ensures maximum performance right out of the gate. 

Save Money with Diamond Honing from US Chrome

Diamond honing a cylinder at home is nearly impossible once you factor in the cost of a machine, equipment, and training.

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