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Arctic Cat Snowmobile Cylinder Replating Services

Arctic Cat Snowmobile Cylinder Services

A worn or failed cylinder on your Arctic Cat snowmobile is a disappointing reason to have to keep your sled off the trails. U.S. Chrome can help you fix your streaked or worn cylinder to get you back out in the snow as soon as possible. We are proud to offer the fastest snowmobile cylinder service turnaround times in our industry.

Through our replating and boring services, we can tighten the tolerances in your engine’s cylinders, restore your compression and get your Arctic Cat back up to full power. Contact us today about cylinder services for Arctic Cat snowmobiles including:

  • 160 Class Horsepower C-TEC 2-Stroke
  • 200 Class Horsepower C-TEC 2-Stroke
  • 200 Class Horsepower 4-Stroke
  • 200 Class HP Turbo Triple 4-Stroke
  • 599cc 2-Stroke DSI 125-class HP C-TEC2
  • 1049cc 4-Stroke EFI C-TEC4
  • 700cc 4-Stroke EFI C-TEC4
  • 749cc 2-Stroke Liquid Cooling (85mm x 70mm)
  • 565cc 2-Stroke Fan-Cooled

Cost & Pricing for Artic Cat Snowmobile Cylinder Services

We give you the best possible price without sacrificing quality on all cylinder replating and reboring with the best turnaround times in the industry. See our full cost and pricing list.

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Arctic Cat Snowmobile Cylinder Replating

Pressure loss due to low compression is an inevitable problem for any well-maintained machine that runs long enough. The snowmobile cylinder replating technicians at U.S. Chrome don’t think that means it has to be the death of your Arctic Cat.


The NiCom plating that we specialize in is thicker and more durable than anything offered by our competition. Nickel composite coatings have highly oleophilic properties as well as favorable frictional characteristics. Which means that in addition to tightening the tolerances in your cylinders, it creates conditions that will keep your Arctic Cat snowmobile running longer.

Arctic Cat Snowmobile Cylinder Boring

Staying on top of oil changes and regular maintenance can keep your Arctic Cat Snowmobile running smoothly for a long time, but eventually, all engines start to wear. If you begin to notice a loss of power due to low compression and cylinder wear send your cylinders into U.S. Chrome to get them back to like-new quality. Our snowmobile cylinder boring services guarantee more power.


We can bore out your machine and replate the cylinders to bring it back to OEM specifications, or take it out to max overbore to squeeze every bit of power out of your sled possible. Our NiCom coating is thicker and tougher than anything offered by the competition. When U.S. Chrome is done reboring and replating your cylinders you’ll be flying down the trails like your riding a brand new machine.

Cylinder Plating and Cylinder Boring for All Snowmobiles

US Chrome services engines on any snowmobile, including: