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Kawasaki Dirt Bike Cylinder Plating, Honing & Boring

Maximize Your Compression for Peak Performance

How much can your Kawasaki engine handle? The more compression your cylinders can squeeze, the more powerful your dirt bike. The pros at U.S. Chrome know how to service your bike for maximum power output.


At U.S. Chrome we shift into high gear to provide the industry’s fastest turn-around times. Our technicians will get you back on the trails or racetrack ASAP. For absolutely immediate solutions, we keep a large stock of cylinders available for sale.

Costs & Pricing for Kawasaki Cylinder Services

U.S. Chrome provides the highest quality services including replating and boring for the lowest possible prices, and you get the fastest turnaround times in the industry when you choose us. See the full list of costs and prices.


Any dirt bike will see performance decline after years of riding. Even a brand new Kawasaki can be souped up with some compression servicing. Bore out your cylinders for maxed out piston displacement, or get some honing work for optimal piston lubrication. U.S. Chrome can replate, hone, and bore any Kawasaki engine, including:


  • 1833cc Liquid-Cooled 6-Cylinder (73mm x 73mm)
  • 1832cc Liquid-Cooled 6-Cylinder (74.0mm x 71.0mm)
  • 1261cc Liquid-Cooled V-4 (78mm x 66m)
  • 1312cc Liquid-Cooled SOHC V-Twin (89.5mm x 104.3mm)
  • 670cc Liquid-Cooled SOHC Parallel-Twin (73mm x 80mm)
  • 1237cc Liquid-Cooled 4-Stroke 16-Valve (81mm x 60mm)
  • 998cc Liquid-Cooled DOHC 4-Stroke Parallel-Twin (92mm x 75mm)
  • 745cc Liquid-Cooled SOHC 4-Stroke Parallel-Twin (77mm x 80mm)
  • 471cc Liquid-Cooled DOHC Parallel-Twin (67mm x 66.8mm)
  • 449cc Liquid-Cooled OHC Single Cylinder 4-Stroke (96mm x 62.1mm)
  • 249.6cc Liquid-Cooled DOHC Single-Cylinder 4-Stroke (76mm x 55mm)
  • 644cc Air-Cooled Single-Cylinder 4-Stroke (100mm x 82mm)
  • 286cc Liquid-Cooled DOHC Single-Cylinder 4-Stroke (76mm x 63mm)
  • 1140cc Air-Cooled DOHC 4-Cylinder (73.5mm x 67.2mm)
  • 649cc Liquid-Cooled DOHC 4-Cylinder (67mm x 46mm)
  • 124.9cc Air-Cooled SOHC Single-Cylinder 4-Stroke (52.4mm x 57.9mm)
  • RC213V-S 1000cc V-4
  • 599cc Liquid-Cooled DOHC 4-Cylinder (67mm x 42.5mm)
  • 1140cc Air-Cooled DOHC 4-Cylinder (73.5mm x 67.2mm)
  • 998cc Liquid-Cooled DOHC 4-Cylinder (75mm x 56.5mm)
  • 782cc Liquid-Cooled VTEC DOHC V-4 (72mm x 48mm)
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Kawasaki Dirt Bike Cylinder Plating/Replating

Our special NiCom coating is made of mostly nickel and silicon carbide, along with a handful of other hardening & lubricity agents. U.S. Chrome’s dirt bike cylinder plating is unmatched by any other traditional coatings. Our composite is naturally non-abrasive and wear-resistant. Nikasil, hard chrome, electrofusion & steel sleeves all fall in comparison to the U.S. Chrome’s NiCom. Ten times the thickness of chromium, NiCom is extremely resistant to hot operating temperatures and corrosion caused by gravel & grime. It also maintains lubrications better than other coatings, making it popular for both 2 Stroke & 4 Stroke dirt bikes.

Cylinder Restoration for Kawasaki Dirt Bikes

While general maintenance may have seemed sufficient for your Kawasaki dirt bike in the past, there comes a time when you need more extensive servicing. Over time, cylinders can wear, corrode & begin to misfire. The team at U.S. Chrome provides comprehensive dirt bike cylinder services to bring life back to your engine. Improve heat transfer and minimize friction with our renowned plating, honing & boring techniques. The result is a long-running bike with a whole lot more horsepower.

Kawasaki Dirt Bike Cylinder Boring/Overboring

Dirt bike cylinder boring lets you get the most out of your engine. U.S. Chrome brings engines to maximum overbore to harness the full power capabilities of your Kawasaki dirt bike. We know the best piston-bore clearance and matching head gasket size to optimize your ride. Leave your competition in the dust with an overbored cylinder from U.S. Chrome.

Cylinder Plating and Cylinder Boring for All Dirt Bikes

U.S. Chrome services engines on any dirt bike, including: