Piston Coatings with Precision Clearances

What’s an Abradable Powder Coating (APC)?Powder Coated Piston

An APC is a graphite-based material applied to piston skirts which acts as a “self-clearancing” buffer between pistons and cylinder bores. As the pistons cycle, the coating wears in and fills incidental cylinder skirt/bore clearances. This creates an oil film layer for improved piston durability and engine output.

U. S. Chrome piston coatings are engineered for performance and protection, ensuring you always get the very best. Look below for examples of our superior workmanship. Don’t forget to check out the video for a detailed explanation of our outstanding process and the benefits it provides; you’ll quickly see why so many choose U. S. Chrome for their piston coating needs.

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Problem: Inconsistent Bore Shapes

Since cylinder bores are seldom straight, they’re sized to allow for clearance space between pistons and the inconsistent bore sides.

This causes secondary movement of the piston, leading to uneven contact between the piston skirting and the sides of the bore.

Uneven contact reduces motor oil’s ability to seal the gap, and negatively affects stroke efficiency. This can cause premature piston wear and may result in extra repairs.

Solution: US Chrome Piston Skirt Coating

Line 2 Line coatings, applied in-house by U.S. Chrome since 2009, will fill the gaps in piston- to -wall clearances, simultaneously shaping the piston geometry through repetitive abrasion and stabilizing the piston through the length of each stroke. The newly stabilized pistons allow the APC to wear off in areas where it’s too tight until there is room to form an ideal oil film, at which point the coating thickness is maintained. The coated piston runs truer with each stroke, eliminating secondary movements like piston rocking and slapping.

Your Pistons Will Run Better and Last Longer!

The as sprayed texture wears in for a perfect fit. Then it lasts! Nooks and crannies hold oil.

Piston Head Before NiCom


U.S. Chrome applies Line 2 Line’s abradable powder coating and piston is refitted into the bore.

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Engine Break In

Engine idles, followed by progressive increases in RPM with idle periods in between revs. Top RPMs are reached, and APC piston is broken in.

NiCom Coated Piston Head

Precision Fitting

APC treated piston is worn in and stabilized within the cylinder bore, with optimal oil seal and performance efficiency.

Tighter Piston Clearances for a Precise Fit

Line 2 Line coatings by U. S. Chrome provide custom piston clearances to ensure the most precise fit. Our unique process and graphite/Moly composite piston skirt coating enables you to run tighter piston clearances, reduce scuffing, piston rocking and slap. U. S. Chrome’s piston coatings offer unmatched benefits including:

  • Reduced Clearances
  • Reduced Friction and Wear
  • Improved Seal
  • Increased Power

  • Less Noise
  • Prevention of Scuffing
  • Lower Piston Temperatures
  • Reduced Slap and Ring Flutter
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