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Frictional Properties of NiCom Plated Cylinder Bores

Oil Retention and Lubricity

U.S. Chrome’s NiCom bore coatings are outstanding at retaining oil, to keep your engine lubricated. With absorbent silicon carbide particles dispersed uniformly throughout, these coatings are not only incredibly hard and resistant to wear, but also act as reservoirs for holding and retaining oil, creating consistent lubricity, long lasting friction reduction, and increasing overall performance. These minute (10 micron or less) oleophilic particles make NiCom an ideal choice for improving oil retention and durability on aluminum cylinders and older steel sleeved and cast iron bores.

Due to their superior corrosion resistance, NiCom plated bores will never rust or oxidize, and they allow piston rings to break in or “seat” quickly and effectively without the break in cycles common with cast iron or plasma sprayed bores. Increase your engine’s life and performance with U.S. Chrome’s Race Proven NiCom cylinder bore coatings.

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