Snowmobile Cylinder Services

Boring, Plating, & Repair for your Snowmobile Engine

No matter how well you take care of your snowmobile, forays into the snow will eventually take their toll. Space between the piston and cylinder begins to form over time with each use, leading to a loss of compression, and a decline in performance. Whether you need the speed for a SnoCross competition or the power to get through deep backcountry trails, making sure your engine is running optimally is crucial. US Chrome specializes in engine cylinder repairs, plating, and boring to make your sled runs like-new.  

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U.S. Chrome works with many of the leading brands for snowmobile engines, including:

Harley Davidson Snowmobile

The Cost of Snowmobile Cylinder Services

Through the seasons, the cylinders in snowmobiles can wear. This can result in increased tolerances, compression loss, and power dips. US Chrome specializes in restoring engine bores to like-new quality with cylinder platingcylinder repair, and cylinder boring services. See the full pricing list.

Snowmobile Cylinder Plating with NiCom Coating for Extra Durability

At US Chrome we use a patented nickel composite (or NiCom) coating. This exclusive coating makes for harder, more lubricated plating that will benefit both cast iron and aluminum cylinders.  If you don’t want to decrease the speed and deficiency of your snowmobile, don’t pay for the lesser products. Unlike chromium or electroless nickel, NiCom has incredible corrosion resistance and a high ceiling for operating temperatures. Our patented cylinder plating can handle prolonged exposure to temperatures up to 1200 F, all without significant loss of its physical properties.

U.S. Chrome is also an eco-friendly option, all solid waste is 100% recycled and reused into stainless steel!

Repair Snowmobile Cylinders that are Worn Out

Your engine may be down but that doesn’t mean it’s out. Our full range of repair services will breathe new life into your engine.

U.S. Chrome is an industry leader and our technicians pride themselves on getting you back on the snow as soon as possible. We also have refurbished snowmobile cylinders ready for order!

We are confident in our ability to replate your snowmobile cylinders, which is why we offer a 1-year warranty. For details on our warranty view our cylinder plating order form.  

2 Stage Honing Process for Optimal Cylinder Bore

At U.S. Chrome we have a unique honing process that will increase the strength and longevity of your cylinders. Using a double diamond plateau technique, our technicians are able to make precise, symmetrical bore sizes, therefore significantly increasing the wear resistance of your snowmobile cylinders. Our 2 stage honing process, along with our 100% non-abrasive NiCom Coating, will have your engine running as smoothly as it ever has.

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