TriCom Anti-Corrosion Coating

Introducing TriCom Chrome Coatings

U.S. Chrome is pleased to announce a new line of Green Hard TriCom 801 Replacement coatings specifically developed for elevated temperature dry running applications: TriCom 801 electroplated cobalt chrome carbide (Cr3C2). This new generation of tribological coating provides exceptional wear resistance with low frictional characteristics (up to 800°C). It is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. With a superior hardness and thickness rating, TriCom coatings can run against themselves, against uncoated nickel, iron and cobalt base superalloys, and titanium alloys.

TriCom 801 White Papers

TriCom 801 Anti-Corrosion Coating Durability

  • Hardness: 300-400 VHN @ 100 gm Load
  • Carbide Volume Fraction: 12-25% Volume
  • As-Plated Surface Finish: Ra ≈ 400 µinch (10 µm)
  • Typical Coating Thickness: .001 - .015" (25-375 µm)

TriCom 801 coating extends the service life of machinery and improves durability. Farm equipment and any machinery subject to high rotational wear are good candidates for TriCom 801 coatings. We anticipate many applications for TriCom 801 and welcome inquiries for its use.

  TriCom Coatings Conventional Plating
Characteristic Property As plated TriCom-N Ni-Co-P TriCom-N/SiC Ni-Co-P-SiC Variant TriCom-NH/SiC Ni-Co-P-SiC TriCom-H, Type IV Co-P TriCom-H, Type IV CO-P-SiC Hard Chrome Cr EN (highP) Ni-P
Hardness HVN100 700-750 750-800 800-850 650-700 700-720 900-1000 600
Corrosion ASTM B-117 Hrs of Exposure 1000 1000 1000 Discolored after 48 No Red Rust after 1000 Discolored after 48 No Red Rust after 1000 < 48 1000
Corrosion ASTM B-368 CASS Hrs of Exposure 330 Terminated Testing 200 200 Not Tested Not Tested < 2 330 Terminated Testing
Reciprocating Wear Against hardened steel (ASTMG 113) mm3/Nm 13x10-5 6x10-5 0.5x10-5 3x10-5 3.2x10-5 0.4x10-5 44x10-5
Taber Abrasion Taber Wear Index 7.02 1.59 1.4 11.54 1.0 1.8 22.5
Fatigue Life Rotating Beam Matrix, 4130@40Rc, @110 Ksi % Debit or X times matrix No Debit 6X No Debit 3.5X Debit 0.6X No Debit 5X No Debit 2.3X No Debit 0.4-0.6X No Debit 0.3X
The temperature limitation on the above coatings is 250°C long term and 400°C short term.
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