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BRP Cylinder Services

Ski Doo, Can Am, Rotax and Sea Doo Cylinder Services

U.S. Chrome offers some of the most durable and lasting cylinder replating, boring and overboring services for BRP machines in the industry. Whether we’re restoring an old engine to like-new power or taking a new engine out to max-overbore to squeeze every bit of power out of it, turn to U.S. Chrome. We work on Rotax engines in:


Cost and Pricing for BRP Cylinder Services

U.S. Chrome has the fastest turnaround times in the industry with the best quality plating for the lowest cost. See our full cost and pricing list.

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BRP Cylinder Services

If the Rotax engine in your BRP machine is keeping you off the water or trails because of a worn sleeve, send it into U.S. Chrome. We’ve seen every kind of streaked and worn cylinder. We’ll get your BRP machine up and running before you know it. We have some of the fastest cylinder service turnaround times in the industry, and if that’s not fast enough, we carry a large stock of restored Rotax cylinders which we can sell to you immediately.

BRP Cylinder Replating

It doesn’t matter if you keep up on oil changes and maintenance, sooner or later the cylinders in your favorite BRP machine are going to start to wear down and result in lost compression and power. U.S. Chrome offers cylinder replating on BRP aluminum and iron sleeved cylinders. When U.S. Chrome is done with your Rotax engine, you’ll have fully restored power and compression, as well as a more durable engine thanks to our patented NiCom coating that is harder, stronger and more durable than the competition.

BRP Cylinder Boring

Your BRP snowmobile, jet ski or ATV might rip now, but what if you could squeeze even more heat out of it? At U.S. Chrome we can take your Rotax cylinders out to maximum overbore to get the most compression and power out of your engine. For older, worn engines we can bore out the worn cylinders and replate them with our patented NiCom coating. With cylinder boring, U.S. Chrome will leave your cylinders straighter, rounder and more durable than when they came from the factory.