Honda Sport Bike Cylinder Boring, Honing and Replating

Get the Speed You Need to Dominate At the Track

Honda Streetbike Cylinder ServiceLong days at the track provide hours of fun, but sooner or later all that fun begins to take a toll on the engine of your Honda sport bike. It’s only a matter of time before the CBR you’ve been leaving your friends in the dust on will start to lose some zip.

Even those reliable Honda engines become victims of mechanical wear that increase tolerances and rob you of compression and power. Honda motorcycle cylinder services from US Chrome can get you back out there and racing before you know it.

Costs & Pricing for Honda Sportbike Cylinder Repairs

Our cylinder repair and modification specialists offer a wide range of racing performance enhancements to satisfy your need for speed. We always price our cylinder services modestly while delivering the gold standard in craftsmanship for Honda sportbike cylinder boring, repairs, and replating. See the full list of costs and pricing.

We know how much you’d rather be on the track than sitting at home with your bike pulled apart in the garage, that’s why we work hard to maintain the fastest turnaround times in the industry. If that’s not fast enough, we also stock a wide selection of restored and repaired cylinders which are available for sale immediately.

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New Honda Sportbike Aftermarket Improvements

Even if you just picked your Honda sport bike up from the dealer, it could still benefit from a trip to US Chrome. Our technicians will take your cylinders out to maximum overbore for better-than-new power. We can work on any Honda engine including:

  • 1833cc Liquid-Cooled 6-Cylinder (73mm x 73mm)
  • 1832cc Liquid-Cooled 6-Cylinder (74.0mm x 71.0mm)
  • 1261cc Liquid-Cooled V-4 (78mm x 66m)
  • 1312cc Liquid-Cooled SOHC V-Twin (89.5mm x 104.3mm)
  • 670cc Liquid-Cooled SOHC Parallel-Twin (73mm x 80mm)
  • 1237cc Liquid-Cooled 4-Stroke 16-Valve (81mm x 60mm)
  • 998cc Liquid-Cooled DOHC 4-Stroke Parallel-Twin (92mm x 75mm)
  • 745cc Liquid-Cooled SOHC 4-Stroke Parallel-Twin (77mm x 80mm)
  • 471cc Liquid-Cooled DOHC Parallel-Twin (67mm x 66.8mm)
  • 449cc Liquid-Cooled OHC Single Cylinder 4-Stroke (96mm x 62.1mm)
  • 249.6cc Liquid-Cooled DOHC Single-Cylinder 4-Stroke (76mm x 55mm)
  • 644cc Air-Cooled Single-Cylinder 4-Stroke (100mm x 82mm)
  • 286cc Liquid-Cooled DOHC Single-Cylinder 4-Stroke (76mm x 63mm)
  • 1140cc Air-Cooled DOHC 4-Cylinder (73.5mm x 67.2mm)
  • 649cc Liquid-Cooled DOHC 4-Cylinder (67mm x 46mm)
  • 124.9cc Air-Cooled SOHC Single-Cylinder 4-Stroke (52.4mm x 57.9mm)
  • RC213V-S 1000cc V-4
  • 599cc Liquid-Cooled DOHC 4-Cylinder (67mm x 42.5mm)
  • 1140cc Air-Cooled DOHC 4-Cylinder (73.5mm x 67.2mm)
  • 998cc Liquid-Cooled DOHC 4-Cylinder (75mm x 56.5mm)
  • 782cc Liquid-Cooled VTEC DOHC V-4 (72mm x 48mm)

Honda Street Bike Cylinder Plating and Replating

The patented nickel composite (or NiCom) coating that US Chrome uses in cylinder plating is superior to anything that our competition can offer. With impressive hardness and wear resistance, coupled with a three-micron particle size for a non-abrasive finish, NiCom is the best choice for street bike cylinder plating. It can be applied to thicknesses ten times greater than that of chromium, which helps it stand up in sliding wear applications.

Applying a NiCom coating to the cylinders of your Honda bike, you’ll also be increasing its lifespan. Nickel composite coatings are more wear resistant and oleophilic than OEM or chromium coatings.

Honda Sport Bike Cylinder Repair

Pushing your Honda bike to go faster and harder on the track will get you ahead in the race, but eventually you’ll have to deal with worn, streaked cylinders. This is a fact of life for even the most well-maintained engines. If your engine has seen better days, send them into US Chrome for professional street bike cylinder repair.

Every day our technicians put worn out or damaged bikes back on the track using techniques including boring, replating and our diamond-plateau honing process. With repaired cylinders and restored compression you’ll be back in the saddle in no time.

Cylinder Boring and Overboring for Honda Sport Bikes

Cylinder boring isn’t just for old, worn-out antique bikes. By overboring the cylinders we can achieve even more compression and power from your engine than when it was new from the dealer.

An over-bored street bike cylinder combined with a diamond plateau honing and application of our patented NiCom plating will leave your tolerances tighter, your cylinders displacing more than ever and everybody else behind you as you disappear around the first bend.

Cylinder Repair, Cylinder Plating, and Cylinder Boring for All Motorcycles

US Chrome services engines on any motorcycle, including

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