ATV/UTV Cylinder Services

Boring, Plating and Repair for Off-Road Vehicles and Side-By-SidesUTV Cylinder Services from US Chrome

No matter how well you maintain your ATV, UTV or side-by-side, there are two things that will come to claim any engine: hard work and hard play. Eventually internal wear and damage in your cylinders will cause a drop in compression and power. US Chrome specializes in servicing cylinders for off-road vehicles through cylinder plating , repair and boring.

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Cylinder Plating for Side-By-Sides and 4-Wheelers

US Chrome specializes in applying patented Nickel Composite cylinder coatings to ATVsthat are harder than anything offered by the competition, including chromium platings. Our technicians can apply NiCom up to ten times more thickly than competing coatings, which means we can restore deeply worn and streaked cylinders.

Nickel composite lasts longer than OEM coatings due to its hardness, as well as it’s minute particle size and wettability for favorable frictional characteristics.

Our technicians have plated cylinders for a wide range of ATVs, UTVs and side-by-sides including:

Repairing Streaked, Cracked and Worn Cylinders for ATVs and UTVs

Nothing is more disappointing than a cracked or streaked cylinder keeping you off your ATV and out of the woods. All of the technicians at US Chrome are experienced at UTV cylinder repair. With a fresh NiCom coating and bore-out, we can restore cylinders to like-new straightness, hardness and compression.

We pride ourselves on industry-leading turnaround times, but if you needed it yesterday we also have a large stock of restored cylinders for sale immediately.

We can replace any of the brands we work on, which include:

Cylinder Boring and Overboring Your ATV, UTV and SXS Engine

Restoring your off-road vehicle to factory compression is great, but what if we could squeeze more power out of your engine? The technicians at US Chrome are ready to take your ATV cylinders out to maximum overbore to get the most displacement possible for your ATV or UTV. Couple it with our patented NiCom coating and you’ll be left with a cylinder bore that delivers more power and lasts longer than it did when it was new from the factory. We can get the specs for any off road vehicle including:

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