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U. S. Chrome Sponsored Snowmobile Racer, Matt Schulz, at Eagle River World Championships 2015

Snowmobile Cylinder Plating Specialists at U. S. Chrome Recognize Matt Schulz for His Exceptional Racing in the 2015 Eagle River Championships

Our snowmobile cylinder plating specialists are proud to honor U. S. Chrome sponsored snowmobile racer, Matt Schulz #38 for his accomplishments in the 2015 Eagle River World Championship Snowmobile Derby.


A native of Wausau, WI , Matt Schulz was born into a family of snowmobile racers. Matt has been winning awards since his rookie year in 2002. Since then, Matt has won or placed Top 3 in more than 10 snowmobile events, including the Eagle River World Championships.

U. S. Chrome Sponsored Snowmobile Racer Matt Schulz