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U.S. Chrome of Wisconsin: Wheel of Thunder’s April 2016 Magazine Feature Story

It comes as no surprise that U.S. Chrome of Wisconsin was chosen as the feature story in the April 2016 issue of Wheels of Thunder All Motor Sports Magazine™. U.S. Chrome, founded by Roger Reath and Lou Raymond, stays in the family today – owned and managed by Scott Reath, Roger Reath’s grandson.


Starting its rise to leadership in the cylinder plating industry in the 1940’s, U.S. Chrome made its first impressions on manufacturers during World War II, developing a chrome plating for military hardware that was thicker and harder than other products available on the market. Rifle barrels, chainsaw cylinder bores, Bridgeport Mill saddles and ways, Mercury Marine cylinder bores, and air-cooled Kohler Engine blocks were some of the more popular products to benefit from U.S. Chromes revolutionary advances in plating technology.


U.S, Chrome of Wisconsin took their game to the next level in 1996 when they created NiCom, a Nickel Silicon Carbide composite used for superior cylinder plating.


Learn more about U.S. Chrome from Wheel of Thunder’s article – including FAQs with Scott Reath.