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Current Turnaround Time

Current Turnaround Time as of May 17th, 2023 is averaging 2 weeks. Rush Service is Available: 5-7 Business Days - $100/Cylinder

U.S. Chrome believes you deserve the highest quality workmanship at the very best value, and as worldwide industry leaders in the cylinder plating industry, we are able to do just that! Our cylinder service specialists offer a wide range of racing performance enhancements to satisfy your need for speed. We always price our cylinder services modestly while delivering the gold standard in craftsmanship for snowmobiles, motorcycles, dirtbikes, ATVs & boats. Don’t compromise on cheap cylinder services; get the best cylinder services at the best value. Please see below for our cylinder shop’s complete service list.


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For pricing on the following services, Please Contact Us. (Dealer Discounts Available)

All Single Cylinder Services

Strip & Return Only
Plate Only
Strip, Plate, Hone to Std. Size
Strip, Skim Bore, Plate, Hone to Std. Size   
Strip, Big Bore, Plate, Hone
Big Bore Upgrade (Additional 2mm & Up)
Hone Only
Cast Iron: Bore, Plate, Hone
Cast Iron Sleeved: Bore and Hone Only
Prices Doubled for 2-Cylinder Monoblocks
Rush Service Available


Cylinder Exchange Program

Cylinder Exchange - Per Bore   
Core Charge* - Per Bore


*Core Charge Details - The core charge is held until the core being exchanged is returned and inspected. If the returned core is not cracked, welded, modified, sleeved, or in need of weld repairs the core charge will be refunded. Cores must be received within 30 days from purchased cylinder delivery.

*Cylinder Exchange Warranty - Cylinders come with a one year warranty for the plated surface finish. Cylinders that are marked as 'Welded' on the exchange list are also warrantied for one year but only for adhesion failure or bubbles on plated surfaces. Welds/welded areas are not covered.

*All Cylinder Exchange Purchases are Final.


4-Stroke Inline Monoblocks (Plated Bores Only)

All Angled Inline Monoblocks - Plate Only
All Angled Inline Monoblocks - Plate & Hone
All Vertical Inline Monoblocks - Plate Only
All Vertical Inline Monoblocks - Plate & Hone
Rush Service Available


Automotive Cylinder Blocks

Split Case 911 Porsche - Strip & Plate
Big Bore 911 Porsche - Strip, Plate & Hone
Plate & Hone (No Bore Out) Per Side
Rush Service Available


Mercury V6 Engine Blocks

Hone Only
Strip, Plate, Hone
Strip, Rough Hone, Plate, Hone   
Rush Service Available


Additional Services Offered

Deck or Cut Cylinder Base
Light Kiss Hone (Cleans Up Bore)
Head Modification for Big Bore
Heli Coil - Price Per Bolt Hole
Heavy Plating (Over 35) - Per Bore
Sleeve Plating Only
Plasma Strip (Ski-Doo 850's)
Power Valve Removal
Stud Removal
Strip Only - Per Bore

  • Prices Do Not Include Shipping and Handling
  • Subject to State/Local Sales Tax
  • Prices Subject to Change Without Prior Notice


Please Enter Promo Code “Ship4Free2017” with your incoming paperwork or on your Service Order Form for Free Ground UPS , Speedee, or Priority Mail Shipping (whichever is lower).

*Offer limited to shipments of 15 lbs. or fewer, ground service only.
Cannot be combined with any other offers or promotions.

Call 866-922-5066 if you have any questions!