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NiCom Plating: Unique Benefits of The High Tech Cylinder Coating

NiCom Cylinder Coatings: Friction, Hardness, Corrosion, Buildup and Sliding Wear

There are a many unique benefits of NiCom plating, including properties like friction, hardness, corrosion, buildup and sliding wear. Below, our cylinder plating specialists explain more about this high-tech cylinder coating and its benefits.

NiCom Coating Technical Summary

NiCom is a Nickel Silicon Carbide Dispersion Coating. The electro-composite NiCom coating consists of a nickel-metal matrix primary phase and/or hard particulate secondary phase, which is dispersed uniformly within it. The NiCom plating process involves electroplating nickel in the presence of hard particulates like SiC, under conditions which permit the hard particulate to co-deposit with the nickel. This results in an electroplated composite material where engineering thickness is achievable for OEM or O&R.


NiCom coatings are impressive alternatives to Hard Chromium Plating due to their excellent wear resistance. Our cylinder coatings also have superior sliding wear characteristics which are archived via hard particulates dispersed within the metal matrix. Mating components ride on the hard particles, which vary from SiC to BN to diamond depending on the wear condition application. This results in wear which is 5-10X better than Cr.


After the NiCom plating is applied it can be diamond honed or ground to finish dimension and surface finish requirements. NiCom coatings are commonly used in bores of internal combustion engines with applications ranging from snowmobiles and high performance race cars to weed whackers. When sliding wear resistance is important for cylinder bore or piston application, NiCom is ideal.

NiCom Coating Benefits

  • Excellent Sliding Wear Rear Resistance (2-10X better than chrome plating)
  • Superior Adhesion (to ALL metals including aluminum and titanium)
  • Outstanding Corrosion Resistance (superior to electroless nickel and chromium. In the presence of chlorides (ph<6.0), brine and sour gases, it’s superior to other cylinder coatings)
  • Excellent Hardness (500-625 HVN100)
  • Excellent Frictional Properties
  • Excellent Oil Retention
  • Buildup up to 0.030

NiCom Coating: Typical Applications

  • Internal Combustion Engines (snow, marine, aircraft and oil industry components)