Team US Chrome Endurance Ice Race

Honda Motorcycle Cylinder Plating and Repair Gives Racers the Competitive Edge

In preparation for one of their toughest races yet, these driven competitors sought out the services of our dirt bike cylinder repair and plating specialists. The racers explained their biggest areas of concern: speed and the Honda motorcycle cylinders ability to withstand prolonged exposure to high operating temperatures. Our motorcycle cylinder plating specialists explained the various benefits of honing cylinders, boring cylinders and plating dirt bike cylinders with U. S. Chrome’s patented cylinder plating composite coating: NiCom™. This superior Nikasil alternative offers incredible corrosion resistance and is able to withstand prolonged exposure to temperatures reaching as high as 1200F without any significant loss of its physical properties. With a combination of motorcycle cylinder honing, cylinder boring and NiCom™ cylinder plating this dirt bike was fully prepped and ready to tackle its most challenging course to date.

When you need cylinder performance enhancements, trust the industry experts at U. S. Chrome. Our cylinder plating and repair shop has the industry leading tools and proprietary methods to give you superior racing performance. Whether you need work done on motorcycle cylinders, dirt bike cylinders, snowmobile cylinders, racing boat cylinders or virtually any other cylinder, U. S. Chrome is your premier resource. If you don’t believe us just read some of our cylinder plating shop’s reviews from satisfied customers around the world.

Contact our dirt bike cylinder plating experts now for more information on our cylinder services, including our cylinder exchange program.

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