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Chevrolet Corvette CR7 Victory!

US Chrome is proud to be a part of Corvette Racing’s success at the 2015 Le Mans 24 hour GTE Pro race!

Le Mans is the ultimate test when it comes to automotive motorsport endurance. Competitors need durable, reliable components capable of withstanding 24 hours of race level performance. When Corvette Racing chose US Chrome Corporation of Wisconsin to NiCom plate their engine liners, we were eager to create a custom solution meeting the rigorous requirements of such a demanding race.


Race Highlights


Following the crash of the No. 63 CR7, the entire Corvette Racing team rallied around the remaining No. 64 car. In true racing fashion, the team put it all on the line and pushed the remaining car to the limit. After a frantic 24 hours and 337 laps, the No. 64 car won the GTE Pro podium by a momentous 5 laps! – an improvement from last year’s narrow second place finish.


An Outstanding Team Leads the way to Victory


Victory, especially at Le Mans, is no small feat. It requires a dedicated team of drivers and engineers, along with a superb pit crew. US Chrome was honored to be a part of that elite group of men and women who helped make it happen – our patented nickel silicon carbide cylinder coating helped to ensure long lasting cylinders with superior performance, even at a grueling endurance race like Le Mans. The perseverance of the team and the success of the drivers might not have been possible without specialized NiCom cylinder coatings from US Chrome. Whether we’re at Le Mans, Daytona, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, or any other motorsports competition, US Chrome is excited to help bring you to victory with our nickel silicon carbide cylinder coatings and graphite-Moly thermal piston coatings.