Yamaha Snowmobile Cylinder Replating

Yamaha Snowmobile Cylinder BoringYamaha Snowmobile Cylinder Service

Whether your machine has suffered an unexpected cylinder failure or has been slowly losing power over the last few seasons, our snowmobile cylinder boring technicians can get your engine up and running better than new in no time. Our cylinder replating, boring and overboring services will keep you flying down the trails all winter long.

We offer a cylinder restoration process that will bring your engine into tolerances as tight as if it were new, which translates into more compression and more power. Yamaha snowmobile cylinder services for engines including:

  • Turbo 4-Stroke / 998cc
  • 4-Stroke / 998cc
  • 4-Stroke / 1049cc

The Cost of Yamaha Snowmobile Cylinder Plating

From wear winter after winter, the cylinders on Yamaha snowmobiles can distort. This results in increased tolerances, loss of compression and a drop in power. US Chrome specializes in restoring Yamaha snowmobile engine bores back to their full potential. Keep your passion running and restore the performance of your Yamaha snowmobile cylinders with cylinder plating and cylinder boring services. See the full pricing list.

Yamaha Snowmobile Cylinder Services

Nothing ruins your riding season more than the sinking feeling you get when you realize your engine is losing power. For cylinders that are streaked or worn from plenty of hours of runtime, our technicians can get you back on your machine in no time. US Chrome takes turnaround time seriously and knows that it doesn’t matter if you ride for work or pleasure, you want to get back on the trails.

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Our snowmobile cylinder services will leave your machine as powerful and durable as the day you bought it. We employ a 2-stage diamond plateau honing service which leaves a cylinder straighter, tougher, and tighter than anything our competition can offer. 

Yamaha Snowmobile Cylinder Replating

Even the most well maintained Yamaha snowmobile will start to lose power over time. An otherwise reliable machine will eventually wear down the walls of its cylinders and cause low compression. Turn to US Chrome for snowmobile cylinder replating services and restore your Yamaha to peak performance.

Our NiCom plating is thicker and more durable than anything offered by our competition. The frictional characteristics and oleophilic properties of a nickel composite coating ensure that your Yamaha snowmobile will be flying down the trails for years to come.

Cylinder Plating and Cylinder Boring for All Snowmobiles

US Chrome services engines on any snowmobile, including:


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