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Motorcycle Cylinder Plating Specialists Featured at 2015 Loretta Lynn MX Area Qualifiers in Tigerton, WI

Motorcycle and Dirt Bike Cylinder Plating Specialists Highlighted at the Motozone in Tigerton, WI May 1-3, 2015

The motorcycle and dirt bike cylinder plating specialists from U.S. Chrome will be featured at the 2015 Loretta Lynn MX Area Qualifiers in Tigerton, WI.


The Loretta Lynn AMA Amateur National Championship Area Qualifier is the largest and most prestigious amateur motocross championship in the world! This major motocross event takes place across 32 states, including Wisconsin.


The 2015 AMA Amateur National Loretta Lynn Area Qualifier is taking place in Tigerton, WI Friday May 1st through Sunday May 3rd at the Motozone.


The Motozone in Tigerton, WI has undergone a complete track rebuild for a totally new experience! Some of the track reshaping includes new rhythm sections, elevated corners and off-chambers.

The U.S. Chrome dirt bike and motorcycle cylinder plating specialists will be attending this incredible event; so stop over…We’ll have U. S. Chrome T-shirts and special promos! Plus, we’ll answer all your questions about dirt bike cylinder plating, motorcycle cylinder plating.


Come find out why U.S. Chrome continues to be the global innovators in cylinder plating and piston coatings!