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From the land to the water, U. S. Chrome is the worldwide leader in performance cylinder plating and repair of factory nikasil, nicom, electrofusion and hard chrome bores. At U. S. Chrome, we can fully restore your motorcycle cylinder, snowmobile cylinder, PWC cylinder, or any factory hard chrome or nikasil plated cylinders. By focusing on exceptional quality, fast turnaround time and personalized customer service, we have now plated well over 1 million cylinder bores, including but not limited to:

Motorcycle Cylinders Personal Watercraft Cylinders
Snowmobile Cylinders Chainsaws
Street Motorcycle Blocks Marine Blocks
Dirt Bike Cylinders Shifter Kart Cylinders
Automotive Blocks (Inline 4s, V Twin, V6 and V8)

From the rawness of the racetrack and the release of the open road, to the swell of the surf and the mania of the moguls, U. S. Chrome powers your ride. We specialize in:

NiCom™ Cylinder Plating Diamond Honing
Cylinder Replating Cylinder Boring
Cylinder Bore Restoration Piston Coatings
Cylinder Exchange and Core Purchases 

U. S. Chrome’s cylinder plating professionals can also plate on iron bores, steel bores and on the sleeve for better durability, oil retention and reduced friction. We are a worldwide leader in cylinder plating, composite plating chemistry, cylinder honing and rebuilding. When you need to punch it to the extreme, trust U.S. Chrome’s cylinder plating shop.

Cylinder Bore Plating, Replating and Restoration with Diamond Honing

Cylinder Plating Motorcycles Piston CoatingsU. S. Chrome uses the highest quality 2 Stage-Diamond honing for our cylinder finishing and cylinder bore restoration processes. Our innovative Nickel Silicon Carbide Composite Cylinder Plating method is far superior to steel sleeving as it proves to be substantially more wear resistant than a standard steel sleeve on your motorcycle cylinder, snowmobile cylinder or big bore.

Our cylinder repair coating is revered for its advanced thermal heat dissipation and lubricity, as well as its unmatched hardness and durability. At 620 Vickers, our composite plating is harder and vastly more wear resistant than factory coatings or those of the competition. When you have a motorcycle cylinder, snowmobile cylinder or any factory plated hard chrome, Nikasil or electrofusion bore plated by U. S. Chrome, you can be fully confident it will be returned in better-than-new condition- Fast! With our performance options you can take your powersport engine to the max Overbore or a simple standard Bore Repair Size without worrying about reliability. Plus, our cylinder shop offers a same-day cylinder exchange program and core purchases. You don’t have to buy a brand new cylinder to get unrivaled performance. Buy one of our remanufactured cylinders for sale right now!

Cylinder Coatings with Custom Piston to Wall Clearances from Industry Icons

Cylinder Repair Motorcycles Piston CoatingsU. S. Chrome’s cylinder plating specialists weld heavily damaged cylinders. Even if your bores, bridges or cylinders are gouged or heavily damaged, we can restore them to better than new condition without sacrificing performance by steel sleeving. When you get your cylinder replated at U. S. Chrome you’ll receive custom clearances. Our cylinder repair shop technicians know how to custom size your bore for a precision piston fit.

Plus, our piston skirt coating is super-slick and incredibly durable to give you extended piston life and less friction than any other piston skirt coating on the market! U.S. Chrome is a proud distributor of Wiseco, Pro X, SPI, Vertex and Wossner pistons. Whatever your piston, cylinder or boring needs we have the performance-driven cylinder coatings and piston coatings to outfit your powersport craft with unmatched performance.

Better Frictional Properties, Oil Retention and Lubricity Equal More Horsepower

Cylinder ReplatingU. S. Chrome’s cylinder plating shop uses a special oleophilic composite electro coating process known since 1979 as NiCom™ services. This proprietary oleophilic coating absorbs and retains oil like a sponge, so your bore will never release oil, rust or oxidize. With such a strong affinity for oils, both organic and synthethic, our NiCom™ process provides greater oil retention for increased horsepower.

With U. S. Chrome’s big bore services and superior NiCom™ plating you’ll never have to worry about bore streaking, scuffing or striping, even under the most demanding conditions. Our cylinder repair shops have the industry experts to outfit your sportscraft with better cylinder bore geometry and concentricity. Our cylinder bores hold their roundness and straightness better than other cylinder repair facilities. With the U. S. Chrome's cylinder coating and honing process, you'll never have to worry about your cylinder bore going out of round or wearing out.

Cylinder Boring Motorcycles Piston CoatingsU. S. Chrome creates the roundest and straightest bores available anywhere in the world. We are the industry innovators and leaders in cylinder honing, plating and rebuilding. Our reputation is unmatched. You simply won't find any company with our experience, technical depth and business integrity. We always give you the highest quality product and workmanship. Plus, with fast turnaround time and 3 day Rush service availability, you'll be back on the edge in no time!

Contact our cylinder repair shops or fill out a cylinder plating order form now for performance-driven cylinder solutions.

We Buy Used / Worn / Damaged Cylinders (must be plated cylinders)

ATV's - Motorcycles - Snowmobiles - PWC  (call for details & pricing)


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