Cylinder Plating, Piston Coatings, Diamond Honing and Big Bore Pricing Info


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Cylinder Plating Shop’s Pricing Sheet

U. S. Chrome believes you deserve the highest quality workmanship at the very best value, and as worldwide industry leaders in the cylinder plating industry we are able to do just that! Our cylinder repair and modification specialists offer a wide range of racing performance enhancements to satisfy your need for speed. We always price our cylinder services modestly while delivering the gold standard in craftsmanship. Don’t compromise on cheap cylinder services; get the best cylinder services at the best value. Please see below for our cylinder shop’s complete pricing list.

Contact our cylinder repair and modification specialists for additional pricing questions.

Note: This is our Retail Pricing. Discounts available for Dealers, Repair Service Businesses and Sanctioned Racers.

Aluminum Cylinder NiCom™ Electro Plating (Per Bore) $189.00
NiCom ™ Plate on Cast Iron/ Steel Bore $269.00
Pre-Plate Welding, Decking and/or Skim Boring $30.00 ea
Big Bore Services
Line 2 Line Piston Skirt Coating $35.00
Piston Dome Thermal Coat $25.00
Custom 2 Stroke Porting (Race or Trail Porting) $125.00
Cylinder Exchange (Core Deposit May Apply)
Expedited 3-5 Day Rush “Express” Service $75.00
Bore and Hone Cast Iron Bore $60.00
Light Diamond Plateau Hone $50.00
Head Modification $65.00
Exhaust Valve Modifications $50.00
Stud Removal $20.00
Power Valve Removal $35.00
Power Valve Re-Install $35.00
**Prices Doubled for 2-Cylinder Monoblocks

Re-Plate In-Line 4 Blocks

Vertical Blocks (ie Kawasaki ZX 10/ ZX 14, Hayabusa Blocks) $399.00
Angled/Integral Head Blocks (ie Yamaha R1/ R6, Honda CBR) $469.00

Custom Overbore In-Line 4 Blocks

Vertical Blocks (ie Kawasaki ZK 10/ ZX 14, Hayabusa Blocks) $499.00
Angled/Integral Head Blocks (ie Yamaha R1, R6, Honda CBR) $689.00
  • Prices do not Include Freight, Insurance, $3.00 Handling
  • Prices Subject to a 5% Environmental Surcharge
  • Wisconsin Residents Subject to 5.5% Sales Tax
Contact our cylinder repair specialists for additional details or view our cylinder plating warranty information.